IE Downloadhelper is a downloadhelper for Internet Explorer. With IE Downloadhelper installed you can retrieve videos from you favorite websites and store them on your harddrive, so you can watch them again anytime you want. IE Downloadhelper even helps you converting the files, so you use them within your preferred mediaplayer on your laptop, mobile phone or ipod.

IE Downloadhelper installs a menu icon in Internet Explorers status panel. When you visit a webpage, the plugin will check if the page contains video content you can download. If there is the menu icon color will change to green indicating that it has detected downloadable videos. You can then click the IE Downloadhelper icon to retreive the files.

With IE Downloadhelper it is very easy to retrieve video content from websites. Please remember that some websites provides copyright protected material.

Please respect their copyrights when using IE Downloadhelper.