11 Most Popular Alternatives to Video Download Helper for Windows

Video download helpers have been known for a long time to be unique and most important software which allows you to download a vast array of videos from various distinct websites. The program usually is elementary to use and tends to work effectively at merely a button’s touch. 

However, today, numerous alternatives to the video download helper have been invented that can help in real time download of videos and other files. In this piece are, therefore, some of the significant alternatives to the video download helper that are globally recognized and widely known.

1.    Down Themall

This is a windows application that works with mac and other add on. It is a significant Firefox extension that tends to download image and videos in real time. By using this technology, you will be capable of downloading every file you want from the internet with the most speed you have ever seen. Following its promising features, this technology has been voted as one of the most important alternatives to the video download helper.

2.    Flash Video Downloader

This is a freely accessible downloading platform which tends to substitute the download helper in many ways. First, it eases the grabbing of flash videos. It also does the batch download, it is a chrome extension, and it is also a significant video downloader.

3.    Megavideo Video Downloader

This is a video downloader that allows you to grab your video from the most popular video website. It is also freely available for download in the market and helps in downloading videos as well as all the web contents. It is applicable in all windows and Megavideo.

4.    Realdownloader

Realdownloader is a video downloader that works well in social media platforms to download your videos and other files. It is commonly known as Facebook video downloader or simple Facebook downloader and downloads videos from YouTube, Megavideo, Vimeo and other sites. It also helps in video conversion.

5.    4K Video Downloader

This is a technology that enables you to download both audio and video files in real time. It operates on the mac and windows and also in the 4k video. It is famous for its ability to allow you to download videos and files from YouTube while ensuring quality and limiting the time taken.

6.    XVideoService Thief

This is an all video converter and all video downloader that is applicable on both mac and windows. XVideoService Thief is majorly known for downloading and converting all the online videos in a mere click. It is one of the most significant replacements of the video download helper today.

7.    VSO Downloader

VSO, other than helping you to download videos from all walks of life, also tends to ensure that you convert your downloaded video to mp3 if need be. It enables you to download your videos from such platforms as Facebook, Metacafe as well as from networking sites. It is one of the most popular standard video downloaders of the present days that work on both computer music and for windows.

8.    UnPlug

This is a freely available video downloader that replaces the download helper and acts as a Firefox extension. It works on other platforms such as Metacafe and other music tools. UnPlug allows you to download both video and music from the web on your computer.

9.    Idealshare Video

This is a commercialized video downloading alternative to the download helper that works in various platforms including Windows, apple as well as on the FLAC audio. This is an easy to use technology that converts your audio files to video files within a twinkle of an eye. Even if an ideal share is commercialized, its purchase is never regrettable following the vast return it gives to the user.


This is an integrated web browser and video downloader that work with windows, and batch download features. The technology here is capable of conducting free, lightweight video download in a variety of formats with a lot more comfortable. It also makes it possible for you to download the files from YouTube. It is freely available.

11.iWisoft Free Video Downloader

This is a technology that tends to download all the videos on the internet regardless of its format or type. It also downloads and manages audio files while capturing the streaming of such files. iWisoft free video downloader is famous for its ability to act as a download manager for the audio and video files which are streaming.

Technology in the music and video industry is rapidly changing. Computing is also advancing following such advancements. Therefore, the video and audio files downloading industry is revolutionizing to become a more comfortable to use and effective platform which can be accessed and utilized by all. With the introduction of the above video and audio downloading technologies, it has become possible to replace the initial downloader that was embraced as one of the best.