Should You Use Internet Explorer Again?

In the early 2000s, the normal thing to do was open Internet Explorer if you wanted to go online. It was the most popular web browser and it seemed as if Microsoft had nothing to worry about. Fast forward to 2019, and IE is no longer part of the conversation. But should you give it another chance?

A Distinct Lack of Features

As much as we want to go back to Internet Explorer for nostalgia’s sake, it’s just too lackluster. Its toolbars have never been appealing. Any of the other features were either available in other browsers or they didn’t have practical value.

In fact, it seemed that Microsoft didn’t want to do anything with Intenet Explorer once they had Edge. There were no apps available — even extensions and options to sync passwords and bookmarks were nowhere to be found.

Cumbersome Performance

Even with significant improvements in terms of internet speed, Internet Explorer did not adapt to the changing times. It was sluggish no matter what website you wanted to visit — either it required several seconds to load or it would simply crash.

This is terrible not only for users but also for web administrators who want people to visit their site. If it doesn’t load fast enough, people will just close the tab and look for another site. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Internet Explorer also had issues with displaying images and icons.

Several Security Issues

Going online is always a risky thing because you’ll never know when someone is trying to hack into your computer. The problem with Internet Explorer is that it’s not built to safeguard its users. There are a ton of bugs and vulnerabilities that Microsoft didn’t quickly address.

Updates and fixes took a while. And if you were using the older versions, you could no longer rely on the company for any support. This essentially means that IE 7 up until 10 were breeding grounds for viruses. Even if you did download the latest version, you were still better off getting Edge instead.

Using a Better Browser

There are many web browsers today that are far better than Internet Explorer. One good option is the highly popular Google Chrome. It allows you to open multiple tabs, browse during incognito mode, and allows the synchronization of bookmarks and settings.

With Chrome, you can download extensions that help you block pesky ads and save all your passwords. The browser receives updates about new phishing and malware threats. Still, you should also get the best free VPN for Google Chrome to ensure that your browsing activities are safeguarded.

Microsoft had a good thing with Internet Explorer back in the day, but the lack of innovation ruined the momentum. For now, there’s no good reason why anyone should consider using it again.